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Suzuki Depot is committed to offering our customers exceptional service for their Suzuki vehicles. We have the largest Suzuki parts inventory in the nation and trained technicians to service your vehicle. We will handle any recalls and we will honor in full the warranty provided by Suzuki Motor of America in 2014 and in years to come.

HOURS: Monday to Friday 7am to 5:30pm | Saturday 8am to 3pm | Sunday Service Department is Closed!

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Oil change Brake Inspection
Fuel filter Air filter
Spark plugs Timing belt
Transmission Wheel alignment
Cooling system Shocks
Tire rotation Air conditioner

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26,250 Mile Service See Details
30,000 Mile Service 4 Cylinder Manual Transmission See Details
30,000 Mile Service 4 Cylinder Automatic Transmission See Details
30,000 Mile Service 6 Cylinder See Details
Front Brake Service See Details
Rear Brake Service See Details
Tune-Up Service 4 Cylinder See Details
Tune-Up Service 6 Cylinder See Details
Automatic Transmission Flush See Details
Manual Transmission Flush See Details
Cooling System Service See Details
Wheel Bearing Pack See Details
Timing Belt Replacement 4 Cylinder See Details
Timing Belt Replacement 6 Cylinder See Details
Wheel Balance See Details
4x4 Service See Details
Fuel Injection Service See Details
A.C. Service See Details
Complete Cooling System Flush See Details
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